Impact Career Growth



Do you find yourself saying:

“What I can do better to lead well and have a great work culture?”
“If our future leaders are going to sustain our company success, they would benefit from a coach to help them move from good to great.”
“Employees are not happy with their manager. It’s time for a coach.”

I partner with Executives, Senior Leaders, and aspiring Leaders to optimize success inside and outside of the organization via a supportive, empowering, and fully confidential professional relationship.

Assessments provide valuable insights into your motivations, strengths, abilities, and personality traits! 

  • Proven, research-based models of coaching are used to support mid-level to senior executives as they prepare to assume greater responsibility and expand their leadership capabilities.
  • Development of future leaders by coaching high-potential employees in areas such as managing others, critical thinking, communication, and building strategic partnerships.
  • Alignment of company goals and individual achievement as we work through challenging circumstances to ensure positive outcomes.
  • An optional 360-degree assessment process provides leaders with feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports. Assess strengths and weaknesses in workplace performance, interpersonal communication, and/or management style with a focus on individual and organizational development. Managers and executives also gain tremendous personal benefit as they see how their leadership styles and methods are perceived by those they manage.
"A coach is a partner who is hired to assist the client in going for greatness in any, and all domains of their life."
- Patrick Williams

Why hire a coach?

Coaching allows for self-awareness and growth so that you and others you work with can achieve the mission and goals set forth by your company.

Additionally, leadership coaching…

✓  Increases retention

✓  Fosters a positive company culture

✓  Helps leaders to work through difficult processes and decisions 

✓  Positively affects the company’s bottom line

✓  Impacts overall customer satisfaction

“Recently I utilized Andrea’s coaching to assist with helping two leaders, in two different company sites and departments, learn to communicate through their differences. The result was not just that the project at hand was successfully completed, but Andrea’s coaching helped these two leaders change their overall approach to persuading and collaborating. A year ago both of these highly talented leaders were at risk of derailing a project, and potentially their careers. Today they are thriving; one has been promoted and the other is on the path to promotion.”

Lee S.
Department Head, $6B Financial Services Company

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a fully customizable process that involves assessment, discovery, alignment, feedback, and coaching.

  •  6-9 month coaching package
  • Customized approach to fit the Leader’s needs
  • Assessments, 360-degree feedback tools, and conversations with stakeholders
  • Set goals, develop measurable, outcome-focused plans
  • Sessions are designed to instill the skills and confidence needed for effective leadership with role-plays, discussions about conflict, understanding the business, identifying solutions for triggers, and managing relationships at all levels.

Individual coaching sessions are available by request.