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Andrea Tropeano, BCC, ACC, Certified Coach for Career, Life & Business

Career, Leadership, ADHD & Life Coaching

Serving the Main Line, Philadelphia & Clients Throughout the U.S.

Andrea Tropeano, PCC, ACCG, BCC- Board Certified Coach

* Career Discovery
* Professional Coaching
* Job Search & Interview Preparation
* Leadership Development
* ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

For Students, Professionals, Emerging Leaders & Executives

Tired of trying to figure out how to solve career, life or professional difficulties?

  • You are trying to decide upon your best career but at this point, you are just guessing.
  • You are frustrated about how your job search is going.
  • You have challenging circumstances about your job, education or your future and don’t know the best way to proceed.
  • You are receiving feedback that you should be further along in your development.
  • You are idle, not taking any meaningful action to get you closer to your future career goals.

What’s going on?

Are you asking yourself “why isn’t the answer so clear-cut?”
It can be.

Let’s work through the complexities so you can begin to take action!

Coaching for increased confidence and capability in the following areas:


  • Career Exploration
  • Assessments
  • Branding
  • Job Search
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume
  • Linkedin Profiles
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Navigate the Hidden Job Market


  • Difficult Decisions
  • Challenging Situations
  • Complex Peer Relationships
  • Managing Direct Reports
  • Complicated Bosses
  • Promotional Readiness
  • Leadership Development
  • Stay or Resign 
  • Career Transitions


  • Inattentiveness
  • Procrastination
  • Time Management
  • Low Self-Awareness
  • Prioritizing & Planning
  • Organization
  • Impulsivity
  • Inflexibility
  • Task Initiation

How My Services Differ as a Career & Life Coach

Board Certified Coach, BCC & Certified Professional Coach, PCC

          ✓ ADHD Certified Coach 

Seasoned Recruiter; A former corporate interviewer, working alongside hiring managers. Deep knowledge of resume/Linkedin, job search & interview success factors

Certified Administrator of 5 assessment tools to assist your decisions with career possibilities, self-awareness, and professional development. Together we choose which ones might be right for you

Subject matter expert on rapidly changing technology & its implications on the hiring process

Partner with therapists and other professionals for a collaborative approach to supporting your career journey

Former Human Resources Senior Manager of a $30B company, equipped with tools and strategies to help guide your job search strategies, resumes, interview preparation, Linkedin profiles, salary negotiations, professional readiness, and leadership development

Diversity & Inclusion

I am committed to cultivating relationships that are rooted in respect for differences. Whether those differences are racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, or unique learning styles, I recognize the importance of honoring the variety of human experiences.

Gifting & Challenges

My services are beneficial for people that have a unique approach to learning often manifested as ADHD, dyslexia, and other social learning differences. Other clients are working through anxiety, depression, bipolar, introverted tendencies, OCD, and other mental health-related circumstances.

“Working with Andrea has been remarkably helpful. Her intuitive guidance,  skills,  and tools have provided me with important insights into my career path.  


She not only helped me with a great resume, but she was able to show me what I needed in my work so that I could perform at my best. She really listened to me to bring out my best. She cared about my personal fulfillment and success.”


Dr. R.L.
Hanover, NH

“After taking the Highlands assessment as an adult, we felt that our son, a sophomore in high school, would benefit from taking the assessment and receive his debrief from a career coach.  

Leveraging the Highlands results and two more traditional assessments focused on preferences, Andrea provided very informative insights our son is using to begin to think about his future. 

It was great timing as he begins the daunting task of the college search.  This process provided clues to potential careers and thus possible majors.  We recommend the approach and Andrea for all young adults in high school preparing for their future.”


Montgomery County, PA

“My college-aged son, who struggles with social anxiety, was panicked about his upcoming interviews.  Andrea’s extensive experience in the industry, combined with her unsurpassed level of commitment to helping others succeed, was instrumental in igniting his confidence and ensuring he was well prepared.

With compassion and understanding, Andrea provided the constructive guidance he needed to be successful. He not only got the job, but he also gained life skills critical for today’s fast-paced business world.”

Newtown Square, PA

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