Impact Career Growth

Job Search

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m applying for jobs and not having any luck.”
  • I’m feeling down about the job search process.”
  • “I don’t want to network.”
  • “I’m nervous when I interview and it may be affecting my ability to get an offer.”
  • “I am procrastinating when I should be searching for a job.” 

As a seasoned recruiter working for Executive Search and in corporate Human Resources, I had a front-row seat to the decision process of hiring managers and senior leadership. As a recruiter, I often had the final decision on whether a candidate was interviewed or hired. I distinguished between strong and weak resumes and saw the impact of a resume that missed the mark.

    • Recruiting technology is changing rapidly. Often resumes are read by an artificial intelligence tool that retrieves 10 resumes out of 200+ submissions.

I opened my business to help YOU get the job search details right.

    • We co-create a thorough process of professional branding, resume review, Linkedin profile, interview preparation, job search strategies and more!

Whether you’re starting to think about looking for a job or have been searching for a while, career coaching provides you with the supportive structure to navigate the job search process.

Guided assessments can provide valuable insights into your motivations, strengths, abilities, and personality traits! 

“Andrea helped me improve my resume, make my Linkedin look more professional, and come up with strategies to tackle tough interview questions. About a month after having sessions with her, I was offered a position in my field. She gave me very helpful and professional advice that made me feel more comfortable searching and interviewing for jobs.” 

University of Pittsburgh

“After college graduation, my son who is pursuing a career in screenwriting, felt overwhelmed and somewhat depressed by the unsurmountable tasks of breaking into that field of work. Andrea helped him in so many ways: professionally and personally. Together they worked on his resume, marketing efforts, assessments, time management, and how to cope with various emotions during this transition period. Her genuine acceptance and care were a great source of support for him. Each time they met, he walked away with more skills, hope, and confidence.”

S. Shan
Global Missionary

Job Search

  • Resume & Linkedin revisions & professional branding 
  • Thorough interview preparation
  • Develop and launch effective job search strategies
  • Negotiate offers
  • Access to software for capturing insights and updating personalized plans

Coaching can help you snag your dream job.