Impact Career Growth

Career Rediscovery


Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m not happy in my job.”
  • “Should I go to graduate school?”
  • “Did I choose the wrong career?”
  • “I don’t know what I am interested in or what to do for work.” 

I have been in the career rediscovery phase too!

I worked in the corporate world, stepped away from work for a few years to raise my kids, and now I own my own company. Each of those phases was fraught with confusion, fear, and excitement all at the same time!

Career rediscovery is a process of sifting through information about you such as your job history, interests, motivations, strengths and much more. Assessments are useful during this phase to obtain new information about you. We clarify and refine the information we have uncovered. Once we know what meaningful work will look like for you, we create a roadmap for you to get from the present to the future.

Through this process you will have a new awareness of yourself, greater confidence, and purpose.  

If you are facing challenges that are preventing you from successfully moving forward, confidential coaching conversations provide a supportive structure to help you find solutions.

Assessments provide valuable insights into your motivations, strengths, abilities, and personality traits! 

I had been contemplating whether to stay in the accounting field or switch careers. By working with Andrea, I developed a 5-year plan and decided to remain in accounting. Our detailed sessions and work with assessments showed me that remaining in accounting would allow me to utilize my strengths and do the type of work that comes most naturally to me. Today I am focused on my job without competing thoughts of what to do next. Thank you Andrea!

Accountant, Connecticut

Career Rediscovery Coaching

  • Confidence building career planning discussions
  • Career assessment(s) with detailed reports (optional)
  • Access to software for capturing insights and updating personalized plans
  • Roadmap for next steps

Customized coaching sessions are available by appointment.